The descendants of Abraham

I saw an interview with Ahmed Benzizine, a muslim stone mason who has spent much of his life restoring a cathedral in Lyon.  He has been commemorated by a gargoyle in his image on the outside of the Cathedral.

Ahmed Benzizine and the Gargoyle made in his image.

Ahmed Benzizine and the Gargoyle made in his image.

The Gargoyle has the inscription God is Great in French and Arabic – “Dieu est grand, Allahu akbar.”   Mr Benizine was asked to respond to the objections, that there have been, from some right-wing groups.  He replied that people who objected knew nothing about the history of religion, that Muslims, Christians and Jews are all the descendants of Abraham, that there is only one God, and originally there was only one religion but that has now split into three, but that, he said, is another story!  I think at a time where so much is said based on hate and ignorance that the tolerance, dignity and wisdom of this simple working man humbles many of today’s political leaders?

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3 Responses to The descendants of Abraham

  1. Norman says:

    What a lovely reaction to intolerance, great credit to Mr. Benizine.

  2. John B says:

    Does it matter who they are descended from?
    Perhaps it might be an idea to establish what the various systems state in their founding texts?
    If one thinks it is significant.

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