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The descendants of Abraham

I saw an interview with Ahmed Benzizine, a muslim stone mason who has spent much of his life restoring a cathedral in Lyon.  He has been commemorated by a gargoyle in his image on the outside of the Cathedral. The Gargoyle … Continue reading

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When did Democracy become a dirty word?

There has been quite a lot of interest recently in the re-writing of American history in Texas by the Christian Conservatives who have come to dominate the education board. Christian Conservatives, claim to be against the power of the state … Continue reading

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Informed Consent?

Imagine one day that you get a phone call.  It’s from your son; you can barely make out what he is saying because he is so distressed.  He tells you that some people have taken him away from his Mum.  … Continue reading

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The best year for music?

I have always had strong, rather passionate opinions about music.  One of the few physical fights that I have had, in my life, started with an argument about music. However a few years ago if you had asked me – what … Continue reading

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What is the purpose of education?

What is the purpose of Education?  I asked my wife how she would answer that question and she replied “with a yawn”;-)  I’ve worked in Education (in some form or the other ) for most of my adult life, and … Continue reading

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A lesson from the fashionistas?

You may be surprised to hear that I am not terribly interested in fashion?  However I did find this talk by Johanna Blakely very interesting.  Blakely points out that in the American Fashion industry, unlike film, music and software, there … Continue reading

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Things I miss and don’t miss about working in London

Phil suggested I write about what I don’t miss about working in London but I thought in the interests of balance I would write about things I miss as well.  When I started to think about it some of the … Continue reading

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